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Last Fantasy 5 Drawing 01/18/2018

9, 12, 17, 20, 34

We have created a list of all possible combinations in numerical order for a total of 376,852 tickets on our Secured Number List. We went further to list the tickets most likely to be played at the top of the list. This drawing was number 175674 on the list, maximizing your odds of winning by eliminating 108807 tickets. If the first 175674 tickets on the Fantasy 5 Secured Number List were bought, one of our members would have won the Florida Fantasy 5 jackpot!

Next Fantasy 5 Drawing 01/19/2018

If all 376,852 tickets on our Fantasy 5 Secured Number List are sold and all Ticket Criteria on the next drawing are met, one of our member will win the Fantasy 5 jackpot!

Secured Number List: The concept

What is the Secured Number List?

Ever wondered if you could see the numbers other lottery players are buying so you can buy the other ones? Maxodds Secured Number List is just that tool that allows you to buy numbers that are not being played. Once all the numbers on the Secured Number List are bought, a member will win the jackpot for that game!

We believe all lottery drawings are random, one aspect of a random drawing is that it is likely to do something different on the next draw. To take advantage of this what we have done is to look for patterns in the current drawing and avoid these patterns on the next draw.

A list was created called the Secured Number List. It lists all combinations in numerical order, in addition it lists the tickets that are most likely to play at the top of the list.

If all the numbers on the list are bought, one members will win the lottery for that game every time it plays.  But what is even more important is that all the tickets do not need to be bought for someone to win, as long as the tickets at the top of the list are bought someone most likely will win.

On September 25th of 2016 the ticket that won the Florida Fantasy 5 was number 1,762nd on the list. This means that if the first 1,762 tickets on the list were bought someone would have won.

To start using the Secured Number List please click on the button above. It is free to use the list but you have to be registered.

How to use the list

To use the Secured Number List all you have to do is click the Secured Number List button below, once logged in you can select all the tickets you would normally buy on the left hand panel by putting a check mark beside the ticket you want. If a check mark is beside a ticket you will be unable to select it as another member has already selected that ticket. Your selected tickets will now appear on the right hand panel. You can also use the search feature to find tickets you want to add to your selected tickets list.

Keep track of the tickets you buy

The Secured Number List is very useful in keeping track of the tickets you buy. Select all the tickets you want and they will appear on the right hand side under your Reserved Tickets. Remember tickets that appear at the top of the list are considered most likely to be played.

Instantly see all your winning tickets

The Secured Number List is also useful in quickly checking for your winning tickets. This feature will be very helpful if you buy many tickets. After selecting your tickets from the Secured Numbers List page, go to the Members Area page, here you will see a list of all your winning tickets based on the last drawing.

Any feedback on the system will be helpful by using the contact page.

Secured Number List

Seek and you shall find

All lottery drawings are totally randomn, with this in mind we know one thing; 'the next drawings will almost be different from the last one'. Studying past lottery drawings can give you an idea of what is likely to happen in future drawings. To tilt the odds of winning in your favor, simply applying a few strategies can increase your chances of winning in the lottery. Our site offers several tools to help you increase your odds of winning in the lottery.

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