Florida Fantasy 5 Mock Lottery Scenario

How long would it take for you to win the lotto playing alone? Pick 5 numbers from 1 - 36 to find out.

Multiple Ticket Scenario

Run this scenario with multiple tickets. Select how many tickets you want from 1 - 1,000. Your tickets will be randomly generated based on our Position Frequency criteria.

How it works!

The odds of winning the Florida Fantasy 5 game is given by the Florida State Lottery as 376,992. So what happen when you go to the lottery store to buy your tickets, let’s say you bought 1 ticket, went home and waited for the results. After the draw you found you did not win, well, you went back the next day and bought yet another ticket, the process happens again, you did not win, how many times you had to buy the lottery before you won, it could turn out to be more than the 376,992 odds given by the lottery agency.

Our "Mock Lottery" tool will actually run this scenario, during testing we found on one scenario that it took up to 1.4 million draws before that 1 ticket won. On other scenarios it took as low as 17,000 draws to win. We would love to think of each scenario as each person playing the Fantasy 5. How long will it take for you to win?

Well... what do we learn here? You can say not to buy the lottery at all because it might take in some cases more than a lifetime to win. Also on the other hand we learn that if we choose to play we could buy more tickets, play in a pool or apply some strategies to pick the best tickets to buy.