Maxodds Tools

  • 01

    Secured Numbers List2 mil Powerball tickets available of 2 mil

    If all 2 million Poweball tickets on our Secured Numbers list are sold and all Ticket Criteria on the next drawing are met, one of our members will win 1 million dollars! Secured Numbers List

  • 02

    Smart Lotto PoolMaxodds lotto pools

    Increase your odds of winning by participating in our smart lottery pool. All numbers purchased in the lotto pools are taken from our Secured Numbers List.

    Smart Lotto Pools

  • 03

    Stats & AnalyticsMaxodds Stats

    Maximize the power of every dollar you spend on the lottery by using our charts, trend and analytic tools. All lottery drawings occur on a ramdom basis but based on the history of the drawings it shows what the drawings are likely to do and less likely to do. It would prove prudent to lean mostly to what it is likely to do than what it is less likely to do.

    Maxodds Stats

  • 04

    Quick PickSmart Choice Quick Picks for Powerball

    This Quick Pick tool will pick numbers that will play within our Position Frequency range.

    Quick Picks

  • 05

    Mock Lottery ScenarioDrawing scenario for Florida Fantasy 5

    Use this tool to find out how many drawings it might take for you to win the lottery, it could be more than the odds to win or even less.

    Mock Lottery Scenario

  • 06

    1-OFF Calculator for Cash 3Florida Cash 3 1-OFF Calculator

    Use this tool to calculate all the winning tickets associated with one drawing number for the 1-OFF play type in any pick 3 lotto system.

    1-OFF Calculator

  • 07

    Canvas Tickets for Florida Cash 3Florida Cash 3 Ticket Canvas Generator

    Use this tool to generate a list of up to 130 tickets optimized to at least win the smallest payout amount while giving you a strong chance at winning the max payout for the 1-OFF play type in the Florida Cash 3 lotto game.

    Canvas Generator

  • 08

    Canvas Ticket CheckPick 3 Canvas Winning Ticket Check

    Use this tool to check if a particular canvas has won on a recent drawing. We will generate the canvas and then check if any number from that canvas has won.

    Pick 3 Canvas Ticket Check